Star Sibling 2015 – Derek Datero

          As the older brother to one of our star players, Derek was a constant source of energy and willingness to assist in every aspect of the League on a weekly basis over a four year period. Derek showed constant compassion and patience with our players and never approached a game day without a warm smile for the players, Coaches and Executive Board members. His compassion for the players and passion for helping them get the most out of their game day experience has been clear to us since his first day at the field. Derek represents one of the core philosophies of how we work in our league; we don’t say no.
          Another example of Derek’s leadership and dedication to our League was the work he put into making the “Walk & Roll” fundraising event the success that it was. These events take a lot of time and effort in planning and execution by dedicated people. Derek was one of the first to volunteer to help in any way he could. In addition to participating in the planning meetings Derek recruited twenty of his friends and schoolmates to assist in setting up, running and cleaning up after this complex organizational event. Derek is a Star Sibling.