Frequently Asked Questions

Parent FAQ’s

What is the League of YES?

The League of YES, formerly known as The Miracle League of Long Island, is a baseball league for individuals with special abilities. We are non completive league where each player gets up to bat and each player scores a home run!

What is your Skills Program?

The Skills Program is for players that are higher functioning and can understand and play the game of baseball. The program is led by former professional and college baseball players and assisted by aspiring ball players from local travel baseball teams.

My child has never played baseball or any other sport; can he or she participate in this league?

Every child, no matter his or her level of ability, can participate in the League of YES.

Where will the games be played and when?

All games will be played on the LEAGUE OF YES fields. The Suffolk county field is located at 1 Ski Run Lane, Farmingville, New York 11748, across from the Town of Brookhaven’s Amphitheater.  The Nassau county field is located in Eisenhower Park in East Meadow at the Stewart /Merrick Ave. entrance to the park. The season is 12 weeks. 6 weeks in the spring and 6 weeks in the fall. All league games will take place on Saturday’s starting no earlier than 9:00 AM. Check back to the website for updates on schedules and league details.

How is the game played?

Each game consists of two teams. Each player has a BUDDY to assist them with batting, rounding the bases and activities in the field. All players get to bat once per inning and every hit is a home run. Whether a player gets around the bases in twenty seconds or twenty minutes, they get to hear the roar of the crowd as they cross home plate and score a run. Each game consists of two innings, depending on the time limits. They are non-competitive in nature with the focus being on participation and fun.

How long is a game?

Typically each game lasts about an hour and a half.

Do I need to bring anything?

Only yourselves and whatever you require for the care of your player. Before the beginning of each season every participant will receive a shirt and cap that is to be worn at each game. They can bring with them a baseball glove to be used during the course of the game if they want. There are handicapped accessible bathrooms. Please bring water with you to keep hydrated.

What is a “BUDDY” and how do they help?

A “BUDDY”, which stands for Because Unbelievable Dedication Deserves You, is a volunteer from the community that wants to help your player enjoy the game of baseball. Each player will have a “BUDDY” at each game. The BUDDY is there to protect your player from flying balls, assist them at bat and with getting around the bases after they hit their home run. The BUDDY will also be in the field with your player to help them field the opposite team’s hits or just to enjoy a beautiful day. Siblings, parents, relatives, and friends of players can be a BUDDY.

How can I volunteer?

We’ll need volunteers to help manage the league, coach the teams, help with weekly BUDDY registration, organize fundraisers, assist with publicity, and many other activities. See our volunteer page for more information.

Are there registration fees?

The League of YES has a $50 registration fee. This fee covers the both the spring and fall season.

How can I donate to the LEAGUE OF YES?

There are several ways you can help. View our donation page for information about donations and sponsorships.

Volunteer/Buddy FAQ’s

What is a League of YES BUDDY?

BUDDY stands for “Because Unbelievable Dedication Deserves YOU!” BUDDYs are a vital part of the success of the League of YES. Each League of YES player is assigned a BUDDY for each game. The BUDDY is there to protect the player from flying balls, assist the player in batting and navigating the bases and having fun in the outfield when the other team is at bat. BUDDYs will receive a League of YES shirt for their participation.

Who is eligible to be a BUDDY?

BUDDYs are children and adults who typically play or enjoy baseball and softball–or just like to have fun in a spirit of giving. They come to the LEAGUE OF YES field from the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, local youth leagues, high school teams, college teams and through religious youth groups, to mention a few. We typically have BUDDYs from Middle School and up to assist however we have had BUDDYs as young as 8 and they will be paired up with an older buddy.

How do I become a BUDDY? Just go to the volunteer tab and register.

What is the idea behind the BUDDY Program?

Being a BUDDY allows parents, children and volunteers to come together. The BUDDY Program has great impact on all participants. BUDDYs and players alike learn valuable skills like patience, understanding and compassion.

What is required to be a BUDDY?

BUDDYs should be energetic, committed and enthusiastic for each game and have a desire to have fun.. Although we don’t require it, we encourage BUDDYs to keep a consistent schedule, allowing for LEAGUE OF YES players to grow more comfortable with their new friends.

What is expected of me on game days?

You are expected to arrive for the day by 8:30 a.m. You will check in and receive a t-shirt and a food ticket. There will be brief orientation then you will be split into three groups. One group will go to one team. A second group will go to the second team of LOY players. The third will go to the third base line to be the “Tunnel of Love” and Cheering Section for the game.  Don’t worry. Each League of YES day involves three games and every BUDDY will have an opportunity to be with one or more players throught the day.

Can I receive credit for service hours?

Yes, students of all ages can receive credit and, if necessary, a written recommendation towards their service hour requirements for school or other group upon completion of a full season.