Community Service Opportunities, Both On & Off the Field 

 Volunteer at the field as a BUDDY:

Click here to register as a BUDDY. Receive six community service hours each day you volunteer.

Help Fundraise for the League of YES:

How can you help?
*Sell a box or two of Chocolate!  
Sell a box of chocolate and receive 10 hours of Community Service.  When you sell a box of chocolate for the League of YES, you help promote the program by telling each person you sell a candy bar to about the League.  
  • Each candy bar comes with small brochure about the League of YES.   
  • You will also be helping us find new players and volunteers.
  • When you sell a box of chocolate, you are helping the League of YES raise funds.
  • With the funds raised, you will help keep the cost to the players to a minimum. 
  • The funds raised will also go to the League of YES’s BUDDY’s program.  When a BUDDY signs up to volunteer, the League of YES gives the BUDDY a t-shirt and lunch for their service for the day. This is an estimated cost of $20.00 per BUDDY per game.  
The BUDDY program is FREE for the volunteers.
*How do I get the Chocolate?
Simply fill out the form below and submit it today.  You can either pick up the chocolate at the field or have it shipped to your home. (shipping and handling have additional charges) Money will be collected when the box of chocolate is picked up or shipped.  
*When do I receive my 10 hours of Community Service?  
Community Service letters will be provided day of purchase.  
*Need more Community Service hours?
Simply tell a friend and have them register to buy a box to sell.  You will receive one extra hour of Community Service for each friend that you recruit and sign up.  Remember to have them put you down as a reference on their sign up form.

Thank you and Happy Selling!!!

Chocolate Order

Order form for BUDDY chocolate box/community service.
  • Price: $60.00 Quantity:
    Box of 60 assorted candy bars at $1 each.
  • Price: $60.00 Quantity:
    Box of 30 assorted candy bars at $2 each.
  • $15.00
    Pick up your box at the field or add $15 per box for shipping and handling.
  • $0.00
  • Type in their name so they can receive additional community service hours.

Join the League of YES’s Santacon Run, Walk and Roll

Sign up today for the Walk or Roll part of Santacon at no cost and receive 1 hour of community service!  (the run is $25) Complete the walk on Dec. 1st and receive 4 more hours of community service.   You will receive a total 5 hours just for participating!

In addition, after registering, start a team and receive 5 hours of community service per person that you get to register.  One hour for them to sign up with a valid email address and 4 more hours when each team member participates on the day of the walk.

Click here to register